Erika Kitzmiller

Historian - Ethnographer - Educator

Philadelphia to Corporate Ed Reformers: No Contract, No Peace

November 1, 2014

"And indeed, after years of working in classrooms that lack the basic resources for teaching and learning, now rewarded by having their contract terminated by an unelected school board, why would they stay?"

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Commentary: What elite universities can learn from Alexander Hamilton

June 2. 2016

"No student should have to choose between buying breakfast or books....The ivory tower has the resources to ensure that all students can reap full advantage of the academic and social opportunities."

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OPINION: Donald Trump and teaching in a democracy: Where did we go wrong?

November 10, 2016

"Perhaps we might educate our children about the promises and perils of this democratic nation that they will eventually inherit so that they truly understand the role that they have to play in preserving and promoting the democratic process for us all."