Erika Kitzmiller

Historian - Ethnographer - Educator


My teaching focuses on helping students examine the ways in which race, inequality, and poverty affect their classrooms, schools, and communities.  In each of my courses, we work together to interrogate the real challenges that people face in low-income communities and schools as well as the resilience that they use to overcome these challenges.  While it is critical to understand the ways that inequality and poverty affect the lives of youth and their families around the globe, it is equally important to analyze the levers for social change and radical reforms that these communities have been engaged in for decades. 

Recent syllabi

The course examines the intersection of race, class, gender, and sexuality in American schools and communities and helps teachers examine the ways to ensure that they are meeting the needs of students in their diverse classrooms.  

This course provides an examination of the historical and contemporary factors that contribute to inequality in our nation’s public schools and analyzes the possible solutions that teachers have employed to mitigate the effects of inequality in their classrooms.  Understanding schools through both a deficit and asset-oriented approach promises to provide us with the knowledge to not only recognize the history and context of inequality in educational spaces but to act in a way to make schools more just and equitable places today.